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Hay I'm Lee I have type F dyslexia and Bipolar 2 and somehow I'm not single!!!

I love acting like a tit. I have the most amazing little boy called Noah. I love anything to do with Music, Back to the Future,

Scott Pilgrim, Adventure Time, Batman, Japan and cats.

Fuzz Monky

Holly shit Batman........why would you carry shark repellent

I find this WAY funnier than I should

Yo yo yo bitchez n playas in da bungalow!! It's ya gal, the wife! Missin all u guyz and dollz on this tumblr thing that you do. I've heard it's a bit like the Myspaces.. Party like it's 2008!!! Sincerely, Anonymous

I missed you wife it’s been a long time since you were last about. I think you need to catch up on the tumbler if you’ve been told it’s like the myspaces


Time to get all snuggley in bed before I get up stupidly early tomorrow.

My stupidly hot Pixie looking amazing as always god i miss her


I would very much like this one back now please and thank you very much indeed.


Another pic of me from the Color Run on Saturday.

This was moments before I got completely blasted with blue powder.