Hay I'm Lee I have type F dyslexia and Bipolar 2 I'm just a massive geek. I love acting like a tit and I swear way to FUCKING much.

I'm a single full time Daddy to my amazing little boy Noah. I love anything to do with Batman, The Walking Dead and cats. This kinda answers why I'm single lol.......

Fuzz Monky

Holly shit Batman........why would you carry shark repellent


Woke up to this. Guess someone didn’t quite make it into bed last night….

Guest where I’ll be on the 7th :D


Cause I want the one i can’t have

And it’s driving me mad

It’s all over, all over, all over my face


Johnny Marr for Esquire, 2014. Photography by Jon Gorrigan.


The Smiths stop me if you think you have heard this one before. White vinyl.

Part of my collection.


The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

(via unofficialthesmiths)


Prom Night(core) Edit

This ones for all the ravers out there